Vision of Amestris

Technology has reached the point where it can drastically change the way we live. Amestris is our vision of a revolutionary new society that is possible today.

A society consists of many systems that interact with and complement each other. While this interdependence results in relative stability, it makes it really hard to change things. Only by going back to the drawing board and redesigning all systems from the ground up can we achieve change on scale.

National emblem
Motto: "Reach for the Stars"
Location: Asia-Pacific
Official language: English
Demonym: Amestrian
Government: Direct meritocracy
Currency: None
Date format: yy-mm-dd
Datetime format: yy-mm-dd.ttt
Civil calendar: Berners-Lee calendar
Civil time: Amestris Decimal Time


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Amestris will pioneer a new type of economic system that we call open source economy. This post-capitalist economic system will be the first of its kind to remove the concept of money from the domestic economy entirely.

The consequences of this change are almost unfathomable and require a completely new way of thinking about a society.

In Amestris, all goods and services will simply be free, and people will work for free. Because welfare is separated from work, we can effectively eliminate jobs instead of creating more meaningless ones.

This freedom combined with the absence of the profit motive enables us to transition towards an automated post-scarcity society, which in turn enables a profound re-evaluation of time and the way we spend it. Work becomes something that people do out of passion rather than necessity. Abundance, universal open-source products, sharing, and collaboration will replace scarcity, profit maximization, intellectual property, and wasteful competition.

Access to quality housing, nutrition, healthcare, education, the possibility of self-actualization, and time becomes a given rather than a privilege. By starting over and moving away from a monetary system, we instantly solve today's largest societal issues and drastically simplify our lives.

In one fell swoop we can eliminate poverty, living expenses, homelessness, unemployment, starvation, the largest source of crime and stress (and in turn health issues), inflation, taxes, loans, debt, savings, insurance, social security, subsidies, intellectual property, business models, and countless other issues and complex systems resulting from a monetary economy.

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Amestris will be a monocultural country populated by pioneers from all around the world. Potential citizens will be carefully tested against our vision for the Amestrian culture and identity, which will play a key role in the founding of Amestris.

Only through quality education and etiquette can a pleasant culture become self-sustaining. This is one of the reasons why Amestrians see education as one of the most important aspects of life. In contrast to most educational systems around the world, we believe in teaching people how to think; not what to think. A healthy, open mind can only develop when it is free from constraints like stereotypes, taboos, dogma, and religion.

Amestrians also have progressive views on sexuality and maturity. Open-mindedness and transparency are apparent from our binormative worldview, which assumes that attraction to other people is not simply a matter of sex or gender.

Since there is no concept of money in Amestris, Amestrians have a more pure sense of value. We value things for the amount of time, work, and resources they cost to produce, rather than the amount of money they cost. We value people for who they are and how they contribute, rather than the amount of things they have accumulated and the power this buys them.


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While we are still exploring potential locations for Amestris, our focus is on the Asia-Pacific region. Our ideal location would be coastal and have a predominantly temperate to warm climate with generous sunshine hours, in order to make our complete energy supply 100% self-sufficient.

Amestrian architecture will take cues from both Eastern and Western architecture. Urban planning will be inspired by campus design and its principles, with the presence of green, natural conservation, and sustainability being of key importance.

Since the Amestrian infrastructure will be built from scratch, we will be able to deploy new and existing technologies at a scale otherwise impossible. Electrical heating and appliances eliminate the need for gas infrastructure completely.

Homes and workplaces will no longer have mail slots or post boxes as we move away from physical mail in favor of digital, saving incredible amounts of paper. Food will be produced at large-scale indoor farms, small-scale hydroponic farms at home, and fruit trees that will be ubiquitous in public areas.

Photo of a cherry blossom tree

Every structure will be a net positive energy structure, meaning that it is designed to generate more power than it uses, while storing surplus energy in batteries. The decentral nature of our power grid will enable interconnected buildings to freely transport energy to each other, eliminating the possibility of power failures. Within buildings, power will be wirelessly transmitted through electromagnetic fields, ending the need for power sockets and cables.

The transportation infrastructure will be completely electric and autonomous, which will save an incredible amount of roads, parking space, gas stations, traffic lights, and other space in the landscape, while also providing massive savings in noise pollution, air pollution, and fuel.

Government & Law

Also see: Direct meritocracy

Amestris will be governed by a system we call direct meritocracy. This system is similar to direct democracy in that citizens directly decide over policy. The main difference is that in a direct meritocracy, voting rights are earned based on foundational knowledge in specific fields, rather than universal and given based on age.

We think this will create a transparent and fair political system that avoids uninformed decision-making. Citizens' direct influence over policy and the absence of money make corruption virtually impossible. Universal access to education will enable every citizen to earn voting privileges and practice politics in their fields of interest.

Most countries around the world have thousands of laws and regulations; some even have up to tens of thousands. We believe only a tiny fraction will be necessary for Amestris. We see laws and regulations as band-aid solutions to problems that result from poor education and etiquette. Every implemented law in Amestris is subject to periodical review after passing.

Informed people make informed decisions, which is why high-quality education is so important. Monoculturalism also contributes here, as citizens have similar views on how to live together and treat each other.

Amestrians believe people have the right to decide over their own bodies. As such, abortion is legal when carried out during early pregnancy. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are legal as well, giving people who suffer with no chance of getting better, and elderly people who have decided that their lives are complete, with the choice to end their lives in dignity and peace.

Personal data is seen as a digital extension of the physical self, and thus should be legally treated as such. In other words: personal data may not be exploited, and people decide how their own personal data is treated and stored. This includes the right to view and delete all personal data collected by a third party, and the right to store one's personal data privately.

Amestris will have a very liberal drug policy, with drugs like marijuana and psychedelics for example being legal. All drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, will be regulated based on addictiveness and the potential for internal and external harm.

Firearms are specifically designed for the single purpose of doing harm, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore Amestrians agree that it should be illegal for civilians to acquire, own, trade, and bear arms in our country.


Amestris will adopt its own civil calendar, the Berners-Lee calendar, which marks its epoch in the year the World Wide Web was launched. It will also adopt a decimal civil time system in the form of Amestris Decimal Time. Amestris will use the metric system of measurement.

Amestris will not be subject to the Daylight Saving Time (DST) system, but will adopt a timezone that effectively results in permanent DST. We will celebrate several official holidays.

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