Plan for Amestris

We aim to achieve what has never been possible before—until now. We want to unite a new nation and build a better nation state from scratch. After that, we want to inspire the rest of the world to follow our model.

The road to Amestris consists of five phases, each of which might take years to complete. The realization of a brand new nation state will take incredible amounts of support, planning, resources, and time. These are the phases in the plan for Amestris.

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Phase 1: Unite a new nation

This is the phase we are currently in. In order to realize a new nation state, we obviously first need to gather a nation. For the first time in history, through the power of the internet, we're able to do just that.

This phase consists of spreading the word about Amestris, and building a network of people interested in the prospect of our new country. This website was created to share the vision of Amestris all over the globe. Those who believe in the Amestrian vision, ideals, and values can apply themselves for the Amestrian nationality. This process will carefully test applicants' eligibility for potential future citizenship.

If you are interested in applying for the Amestrian nationality, contributing as a volunteer, joining our board of advisors, or otherwise getting involved with Amestris, we encourage you to visit the Join page. We look forward to getting to know you!

The second phase of the plan will start as soon as we have gathered a sizable nation of potential citizens, and a strong network of visionaries, advisors, experts, and planners to make the second phase feasible.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time as come.

— Victor Hugo

Phase 2: Acquire a state

Since pretty much all livable land on our planet has already been claimed, this leaves us with two options: signing a land transfer treaty with an existing state, or creating new land.

The first option is the most preferable of the two, since it would provide us with stable land that already features a natural ecosystem, as well as preferable construction conditions. Through diplomacy, we aim to find a host nation that is prepared to sell territory and gain decades of economic opportunities (through construction and initial dependence), trade, and future collaboration.

The second option is the creation of new land through land reclamation, the creation of artificial islands, or seasteading in international waters. This option would be more challenging overall, but would provide us with instant sovereignty without the need for diplomacy with a host nation.

The third phase of the plan will start as soon as we have acquired sovereignty over land, and we have gathered enough resources to start construction.

Phase 3: Initial construction

This phase will consist of the initial construction of Amestris and its infrastructure, which includes homes, offices, schools, parks, venues, landmarks, roads, indoor farms, factories, and other facilities.

Since Amestris will be built from scratch, we will be able to deploy new (and existing) technologies in our infrastructure at a scale currently impossible. For example: our power infrastructure will have a peer-to-peer design, allowing interconnected homes, offices, power plants, and other buildings to freely transport the energy they generate, eliminating the possibility of power failures. Within buildings, power will be wirelessly transmitted through electromagnetic fields, eliminating the need for power sockets and cables.

Another example is our transportation infrastructure, which will be completely electric and autonomous. This will save an incredible amount of jobs, roads, parking space, gas stations, traffic lights, and other space in the landscape, while also providing massive savings in noise pollution, air pollution, and fuel.

We will start this phase by constructing renewable energy plants, which will generate essentially unlimited energy once up and running. The excess energy we generate will be exported in order to generate financial assets. With energy covered, we can construct water purification and desalination plants powered by our own free energy. This will supply practically unlimited amounts of clean (drinking) water and salt to our assets.

Now that we have energy and drinking water, we can construct and power automated indoor farms to produce food. Combined with the construction of housing, we have all basic survival needs covered. This enables a larger group of people to move to Amestris where they can help build up the country.

In order to achieve maximum self-sustainability, we need to gain independence from monetary economies. As such, we will create our own processing and manufacturing plants and industries. Since we don't rely on human labor and profit maximization like monetary economies do, we will have a competitive trade advantage when exporting to other countries.

The fourth phase of the plan will start as soon as the majority of construction is completed, and the key systems that enable self-sustainability and life in Amestris are online. Amestris will remain dependent on some of the host nation's facilities until we can provide these facilities ourselves.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

— Walt Disney

Phase 4: Migration

In this phase, Amestrians from all over the globe migrate to Amestris and start their new lives as Amestrian citizens. This will take place in multiple waves of people.

The first waves will consist mostly of people that work critical jobs and can afford to be flexible. This will set up a scaling foundation that can support later waves which include people with special needs and families with children. Each subsequent wave will enable the next to live their new lives to the fullest.

The Amestrian culture will be greatly defined by the first waves of people. In order to ensure that our culture is shaped the way we have envisioned it, new Amestrians will be receiving naturalization courses that cover what they would have been taught during Amestrian education, aspects of our culture, and the transition to living in an open source economy.

The time between each new wave will allow new citizens to get accustomed to the culture and environment that has already been established by the previous waves, making integration easier and feel more natural.

Phase 5: Experiment & Inspire

There is no such thing as a perfect system, and the same holds true for Amestris. We will remain an experimental country during the first few decades at the very least. This means that we will adjust systems whenever we feel that they aren't working as expected, need improvement, or when better alternatives present themselves.

Once we prove that the Amestrian model works and greatly improves the quality of life for all citizens, we want to inspire and help other countries to test out and ultimately transition to the Amestrian model.

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